This sermon Teaching and Training is given by Pastor Maurice Hicks Sr. at Made Whole Ministries in Jacksonville, FL on 6/14/2015.

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  1. Teaching and Training

    The man is just playing and using the woman like a well-tuned violin. But it’s not the woman’s fault. The woman is not designed to be able to speak into a man’s heart like that. The same thing about a woman. I have one daughter, Alexis. And, man, I was hard on my on my boys. I had to get in their face and tell them what was up. But her, I couldn’t do my daughter like that. I couldn’t do Alexis like that. If I got on her, Alexis would be in boo hoo tears crying and devasted and I would say, “ Oh, go talk to your mother.” But see, she could see stuff that Alexis was doing that I couldn’t see. She could see right through Alexis because she was a woman. She could see right through Alexis. But Alexis would come to me and say,”Daddy (In a baby voice)” and she would just melt my heart. So it’s good to have balance. But see what happens is the children belong to the man. So what happen was that God sent correction to Eli and he half-heartedly told them there is no execution. So they kept doing what they shouldn’t have done. And as a result of that, God had to judge them. In fact the boy, Samuel, was so in tune with God that God began to speak to him one to one. And he thought that Eli was calling. And Eli told Samuel,”I didn’t call you. Go to sleep.” Then finally Samuel kept coming back to Eli, so Eli had enough sense, so he said,” Look, I haven’t called you, but the next time you hear this voice say ‘speak Lord, your servant heareth’. So what happened was, God told him a message that he didn’t want to pass to Eli his mentor. God told him there was going to be judgement for the sons because they’ve been sinful. And so Eli said the next day,” Okay, son, now tell me what God has told you.” And Samuel didn’t want to tell him. So Eli just said,” No just tell me what’s going to happen.” And Samuel told Eli that his sons were going to die because of their sin. So Eli said,” It’s the will of the Lord, so be it.” But see what happen was because Eli did not correct his sons and carry through his execution, his sons died as a result of that. So, you don’t see in the bible where God says,” I want to speak to Mrs. Eli. Misses Eli, your boys are messing up,”. …..No! God sent the correction to the man. The man was responsible for how his family was raised and how his family walked before the Lord. So as a result of his half-hearted instruction his family and his boys were doomed. Now one thing about it is training requires stages. First of all, you’ve got to get exposure. That’s why a boy watches his father. I was just telling my friend, Supreme, yesterday, that I immolated my father. I watched my father. Because he was my hero. Because I know he loved us. He always used to take us fishing. Even though he had a busy schedule, he would always take us fishing. And he would mess us up everytime he said he would take us fishing. You know why? He would say,”Saturday, I’m going to take you all to go fishing.” He shouldn’t have told have told us on Monday. Because we could hardly sleep. Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, then Friday night. I know Saturday night, I was up til one o’clock getting the reels ready. Putting new line on them. Making sure everything is packed and ready to go. And then and O’dark-thirty, he wouldn’t have to wake us up to get us ready to go fishing. We got him up. We’d say, “Hey! It’s time to go”. I knew we knew one thing. He worked two jobs. He worked in the Army. Sometimes three jobs. Working on cars and stuff. He was a mechanic. So we could have the stuff that other kids had. We knew if he said,” I’m not going to be working on the cars tonight, I’m going fishing.” We knew he was going to go. He was a man of his word. He was a man of integrity. So man he messed us up when he told us we were going to go fishing ahead of time. He should have just told us Friday night”, I’m going to take you all fishing,” so we could have slept soundly for the rest of the week. But I knew that one thing about it is that my Dad trained us. I tried to be just like him. I was about ten or eleven years old before I realized that barbeque didn’t have to be burnt to be barbequed. My dad everytime he cooked, man, I loved his barbeque. And I watched him, and it had to have burn, and he had it on the right fire. I would just scrape that little black off. Then I would go to my friend’s house and I would say,” Man, they don’t know how to barbeque like my Dad.” But I got a little wisdom and said maybe he’s cooking it a little too much. But the good thing is that I wanted to be like my Dad. Because he trained me. He trained us. He taught us things. He followed through in his execution. In fact, he would go to work. Most of the time we wouldn’t even see him when he went to his second job. Then after I went to sleep, he would come home. He was a military man. He would come it and we would have to have our homework at the foot of the bed. We would have to have the clothes that we were going to wear the next day. Our shoes shined and everything. He would come around and inspect. If it wasn’t right, you were going to get woken up and he would have a talk with you. So we learned that. But he disciplined us and he trained us. He not only taught us how to be successful but he taught us how to live successful. My mother would stay up the whole morning with seven kids, but she said,” Look, don’t you go outside this house and embarrass the family. You’re a Hicks and you carry our name. When you walk out that door you represent us. Don’t be embarrassing. “ She was serious about that. I got a lot of whippings. But anyway, children, and the training, really, God holds the man responsible for what the children do or don’t do. Unless you get into God’s word and get mentored by somebody that’s had a great success, you will never learn that. You don’t even have to have even been raised by a dad, but if you come into the things of God, God will place you around a Godly man that will pour out his heart to you. Then he’ll be a father to the fatherless. He’ll make sure you get the instruction that you need. So really to be in authority, you have to be under authority. And even if you look at Samuel, it said that Samuel is was in tuned with what the man of God had taught him, and he wanted to please God and please the man of God. The bible says that God did not let one of his words fall to the ground. When Samuel spoke it, it was so in tune with what God wanted that God said,” I’m going to work that out.” Isn’t that awesome? The bible says that Samuel grew in wisdom and stature with man and God. Favor with man and God. Not only man, but the favor with man and God. What happen is that it came as a result of the obedience. Jesus was the only other man that had that testimony. It said that Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature with God and man. But what followed the favor with God and man? What proceeded the favor with God and man? Being subject to his parents. It says in the bible that Jesus was subject to his parents. Then that’s how the favor God was with Him. He was the Son of God, Himself. He didn’t have an end and a beginning. He said He is the Alpha and the Omega. He existed before the world. The world was created by Him. Nothing was created without Jesus. But yet, He was subject to His parents. That’s how He got favor with God and man. So what happens is you’ve got to be obedient. When those children go to her high school and then they obey her as an authority figure and representing that school, they’re blessed. They understand devine order. They understand authority. When you’re orientated to authority, you can’t help but to be successful. A lot of times it can be a point where she could have gave a passing grade or not a passing grade, but not only did they try to do the work, but they were well mannered. They were respectful. They didn’t bother her. They didn’t give her any trouble. And they asked is there anything I can do. You think that’s not going to have a weight on their grade. If a kid came in there late everyday. With no books. And put his head on their desk and go to sleep. Then all of a sudden he get an F, and he asks her,” What can you do to help me?” You helped yourself already with this F. But you’re not orientated to authority. You let somebody from a third world country get in here and they will honor her and respect her. Remember we talked about this brain surgeon. Well he was a doctor, but he wouldn’t even tell you what kind of doctor he was. But as a result of him being in a third world country. They honor their teacher. They honor their mentor. They have them in high esteem. Guess what I ate at this restaurant in Seoul, Korea. That went around the river and went around in a circle at the top of the Seoul tower. It would cost megabucks to eat there. But I’m eating it because he honored her. Remember when you told them that it was my birthday. I had a birthday cake. They sang happy birthday and all of that. I got the whole trim. Why? Because he wanted to honor his teacher. So when your orientated to authority, you just pave your way to success. So to be in authority, you have to be under authority. I got a brother and I love him with all my heart, but all of my brothers went into the military. But this one brother, he realized the military wasn’t for him. He went into the military and he always got into it with the drill sergeant. He made it through basic training and everything, but anyway, he was there on a field exercise or whatever and you know how you stand in a line and similate that you’re in a war and you have the mess kit and everything? This was metal, right? The drill sergeant got into his face and told him something that he wanted. Do you know what he did? He took that mess kit. He clocked the drill sergeant upside his head. Guess what? Do you know how many days there was before he was assigned to leave? Not many days. But I love him, but he got that much patience. So he wasn’t orientated to the military. But he would have become successful and retired from the military. But you’ve got to be under authority. You can’t tell a sergeant what to do. And you aren’t a sergeant. To make a long story short, in order to be in authority, you have to be under authority first. How is somebody going to trust you with your own stuff if you’re not faithful with another man’s stuff? You haven’t been faithful with my stuff, I’m not going to promote you to success so you can have your own stuff. No. If you’ve been wise and a good stewart of what I’ve given you, I will rise you up. I’m going to bless you. I’m going to help you to make sure you have the same great success I have. In fact you don’t even have to be a true biological son. You know what successful people want? They want long life. They want to be healthy. They want to have their legacy pass on to somebody before they die. Because God is like that. In the Kingdom of God, everything produces after it’s own kind. So God wants to be successfully passed on from generation to generation. In fact, if you read Psalms 112 it tells you God’s plan for us as Christians. Our seed shall be mightier on the earth. It tells you exactly what that man did is Psalms 112. Ensure that his children were blessed. Financially, spiritually, and every area of their lives. Socially, emotionally, every area of their lives because they paved the way. They were generous. They were givers. They weren’t moved by evil times that were coming because they knew that God had their back. They know who gave them the weapons. They know who died to protect their weapons. So you have to be orientated toward authority. Then what happens is that you will be put into authority. Because they see I can trust you. I guy can be a millionaire and he knows he’s getting up in age, and he can have several sons but if all they’re going to do is get high, run women, waste the money, and squander all the money, he’s not going to pass that legacy onto him. But he’ll find somebody who’s not even biologically related to him and he’ll bring that man in that is not even his son. But he’ll be like a son to him to make him an executive of that family welfare. He’ll give something to the sons. If he gives them everything then they’ll be dead in a week because they’d buy enough drugs to kill themselves. But he can’t trust that to his sons. He’ll give it to someone else. A guy that served him faithfully. That guy that’s been taught and mentored by him and he’s been under his authority. So he’ll pass that whole thing over to the guy that’s not his biological son. Isn’t that something? He wants his legacy to continue when he dies. He’ll find somebody worthy of it. So really with training, there has got to be exposure. There has got to be recall. Repetition. Repetition is the mother of learning. You know how we get good at stuff? We do it repeatedly, repeatedly, and repeatedly. It becomes second nature. When your rifle is jammed and the enemy is coming against you, it’s second nature. You clear the jam and you’re ready to lock and load. Then you have to have comprehension. You’ve got to know what you know. You’ve got to know that you know that you know what you’re doing. Then when you get good at something, where you really know it and you really do it, that’s when the revelation comes. You see things differently than anybody else sees. Other people might see just a grill. But you see that it’s a grill and you got to have this port for the smoke to come out here. Also that’s it’s got to have this port out here and then you control the fire by how much air you let go through the fire through the grill. If somebody just looks at that they’ll say,” Oh, that’s just a grill.” But if you skilled in barbeque, you know exactly that’s your tool and you know how to use it. See you’ll get revelation that other people won’t get. Other people won’t even know what that’s for. But you know how to use it. So you get revelation because what? You trained yourself. You sat under training under tutors until you became a master of it. Then you’ll receive stuff that other people don’t even have. You’ll be able to invent a better way of making a barbeque grill. Other people wouldn’t even have a clue how to do it. You’ll get revelation. Also, finally, lastly, in order to be trained, there has to be action. You don’t know it unless you can teach it to somebody else. Did you know that? Unless you can make it work in your life, and make it work in somebody else’s life and train them to until they get to the same level you are, you don’t know it.

  2. . Just because you heard a sermon, and the pastor preach a sermon one day, don’t think that just because he used a country boy talk and you speak the Queen’s English that you can preach better than he can. No. You might have more education, but you don’t have the anointing. You’re not anointed to be the pastor, so don’t think you can do better than the pastor. Just because you think you know more than him. Just because you heard once or twice, doesn’t mean you know it. Can you walk in it? Can you have victory in it? Until you can teach it to someone else and walk in it and reproduce it, you don’t know it. So really, training is God holding us as men with the responsibility of training our children. Thank God for the women. They nuture and everything. You need that nurturing, but, really, a man has to be validated by another man. If he can’t get it from his father or someone, he’ll get it from a coach. He’ll get it from a counselor. He’ll get it from a deacon. He’ll get it from some other Godly man who will pour into his life. When the mentor finds somebody that is worthy of what they’ve had in their heart, it does him joy to pour into somebody’s life because they see because they see themselves getting replicated on the earth.
    When my son, Junior, went to college, Captain Springs, told him everything he needed to do to go to college for free. He said,” Boy, if you listen to me, “ Then he listened him. He wanted to tell this to the other black boys, but they wouldn’t listen. They felt like,” You old man, you don’t know nothing.” But Junior did everything Captain Springs said. I didn’t know to tell Junior those things. That you can get your books paid if you just be the vice president. And his tuition was paid. Captain Springer told him that. He told him,” You don’t want to be the president because you’ll have too much work. But you can be the vice president.” He signed up as a mentor to teach people math because he was good at math. One time he went to a professor and said,” Hey professor, you didn’t give me any students to mentor.” The professor said,” Hey, don’t worry about it.” He still got a check. But see that’s favor. But see, you have to be teachable first.

  3. That professor wouldn’t have given that to Junior if he didn’t know he was teachable or he didn’t see something in Junior. He would have probably worked him like a runaway slave if he thought he didn’t deserve it. But no, he didn’t have one student. But he went back and said there must have been a mistake. When people see that you’re teachable and that you’re under authority, then guess what? It’s your destiny to get to that position where now you’re in authority. Then what you make happen for somebody else, God will make happen for you. Isn’t that something? For me, my destiny is to have strong women and men around me. Every church that we’ve been to. You can even ask Junior and my wife, I’ve always been faithful to the man of God I was under. I wasn’t serving man. I was serving God. It was as unto the Lord. Even if I didn’t get a pat on the back or anything, that didn’t bother me. I wasn’t serving them. I was serving God. I serving that person in a position. That person might not have combed his hair in a way I didn’t like or something like that. That didn’t have nothing to do with me serving him. He might have talked to loud or something. I’m serving a position. That didn’t have nothing to do with me serving him. Wisdom is not just having knowledge, it’s knowing how to apply it so you can be successful. That’s the seat of authority. The seat of authority is being under authority. When you are under authority, there won’t be many days before you all set.

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