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You are invited to share a word that will help guide you through 2020. We are planning to add your word to Made Whole Ministries word of the day calendar format on our website. Also, your word will be read during one of our Sunday morning services with your short explanation of why your word is important to you. Our goal is to have 365 words. We are hoping to have more. Our Web Design and Media Specialist, will post your word for us on our website and Facebook page. On the back of the form is a template should you desire to use it for your guiding word. My guiding word for 2020 is “win”. Although, several of the same words may be shared, each word means something different for each individual. We only ask that your word is positive and “G-rated” so that we can all be encouraged. Please state also if we can use your first name or if you prefer to be anonymous at the end of your explanation.
Submit this form to a member of Made Whole Ministries, email to: madewholeministries@gmail.com or madewholeministries.net.
Please feel free to copy the form for family and friends

Thank you for your support.
In His service,
Pastor C Hicks, Executive Pastor
Made Whole Ministries, Inc of Jacksonville, FL

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